Introduction to different types of belt conveyor idlers

2024-02-21 17:13:46


Three roll trough factoryblog-15-15

Three Roll Trough


Light, medium, and heavy duty up to 45 degree

trough angle, offset or inline.

Weigher idlersblog-15-15

Weigher idlers


Belt weighers or load cells require rollers that

are accurate in cross sectional profile, concentric

and balanced. Inline type only.

Three roll trough impactblog-15-15

Three roll trough impact


Installed at the loading point to protect the belt

against damage.

suspended trough idlersblog-15-15

Suspended three roll

trough and impact idlers


Heavy duty having the ability to absorb high impact

and deflect impact energy. Are self centering and

eliminate buildup of material on structure.

transition idlerblog-15-15

Adjustable transition


Used at head and tail position to maintain belt

edge contact.

Picking idlersblog-15-15

Picking idlers


For thin layers of material or heavy duty belt feeder


Flat carrying idlerblog-15-15

Flat carrying plain idlers


Light, medium and heavy duty. Used in dry and

clean installations.

Rubber disc return idlersblog-15-15

Rubber disc return idlers


For use on short installations in wet, sticky or

abrasive conditions. When fitted with extra edge

disc help belt tracking

Trough training idlersblog-15-15

Trough training idlers


For trough belt training using a swivel design frame.

Return training idlersblog-15-15

Return training idlers


For return belt training using a swivel design frame


side guide rollerblog-15-15

Trough and return

side guides


Useful for belt tracking


Flat impact idlersblog-15-15

Flat impact idlers


Used at the loading point for flat feeder belts


Training idlerblog-15-15

Training idler


To prevent return belt runoff. Two inverted trough rollers are used.



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