Conveyor Roller Manufacturing Equipment

Conveyor Roller Manufacturing Equipment

The main equipments used for manufacturing conveyor rollers are steel pipe cutting machine, pipe boring/turning hole machine,
welding bearing housing machine,press assembly machine,milling shaft end machine,milling circlip groove machine.

Introduction to Conveyor Roller Manufacturing Equipment

Product Overview

Conveyor Roller Manufacturing Equipment in the development of transport rollers, fundamental parts for proficient material dealing with frameworks in different businesses. These hardware are intended to smooth out the assembling system, guaranteeing the development of great transport rollers that fulfill industry guidelines.

Product Standards

Our transport roller fabricating gear sticks to thorough industry guidelines, including ISO 9001:2015, ensuring adherence to best practices in quality administration. This confirmation highlights our obligation to conveying items that meet severe rules for unwavering quality, solidness, and functional wellbeing. By conforming to these principles, we guarantee that our transport rollers are produced to the greatest, giving enduring presentation and genuine serenity to clients. The utilization of ISO 9001:2015 confirmed hardware mirrors our devotion to greatness and consumer loyalty in the transport roller producing process.

Basic Parameters

Equipment Name

Production Capacity

Pipe cutting machine

Speed: 100 pcs/hour

Pipe boring/turning hole machine

Speed: 240-250 pcs/hour

Welding bearing housing machine

Speed: 140 pcs/hour

Press assembly machine

Speed: 230 pcs/hour

Milling shaft flat and groove end machine

Speed: 260 pcs/hour

Milling circlip groove machine

Speed: 300 pcs/hour

Product Attributes

  • Robust construction for longevity.

  • Versatile compatibility with various materials.

  • High precision in manufacturing for consistent quality.

  • Customizable production capacity to suit diverse needs.

Product Functions

The transport roller producing hardware proficiently manufactures rollers with exact aspects, smooth surfaces, and solid forms. It coordinates state of the art innovation to computerize processes, upgrading efficiency and limiting mistakes.


  • Automated operation for efficiency.

  • Adjustable parameters for customization.

  • User-friendly interface for ease of use.

  • High-speed production capability.

  • Modular design for scalability.

Advantages and Highlights

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency in roller production.

  • Consistent quality assurance meeting industry standards.

  • Customization options to fulfill specific requirements.

  • Robust and reliable performance for long-term use.

Application Areas

Conveyor roller manufacturing equipment finds extensive applications across industries including:

  • Logistics and Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining and Quarrying

  • Agriculture

  • Packaging

OEM Service

We offer OEM administrations, fitting our transport roller fabricating hardware to meet explicit client prerequisites, guaranteeing consistent reconciliation into their creation processes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What materials might the gear at any point cycle?

A: Our gear can handle a large number of materials including steel, treated steel, and different plastics.

Q: Might the creation limit at any point be changed?

A: Indeed, our hardware's creation limit is adjustable to suit the necessities of various applications.

Q: Do you give establishment and after-deals support?

A: Indeed, we offer establishment administrations and extensive after-deals backing to guarantee smooth activity and upkeep of our hardware.

We are an undertaking incorporating logical exploration, creation, handling, and deals. For requests or to buy our transport roller fabricating hardware, if it's not too much trouble, reach us at

This content is tailored for professional buyers and global dealers, providing comprehensive information about our product to aid informed decision-making.

Conveyor roller manufacturing process

I:Cutting steel pipe into fixed length by pipe cutting machine→turning pipe inside to make pipe inside diameter match bearing housing size→welding bearing housing onto the processed pipe

II:Cutting round steel bar into fixed length by sawing machine→Process shaft end (flat or groove) by milling shaft machine→Milling circlip groove

III:At last put shaft into pipe with bearing housing and press bearing and seals onto shaft by press assembly machine→Painting→Package

Can make step I and step II at the same time

Conveyor Roller Manufacturing Equipment Photos

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Conveyor Roller Making Machine

Conveyor Roller Making Machine

We can offer the whole set of conveyor roller making machine including pipe cutting machine, pipe turning hole machine, welding machine,milling shaft machine, circlip groove machine
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Conveyor Roller Welding Machine

Conveyor Roller Welding Machine

Used for the inside and outside girth weld of the roller bearing housing
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Conveyor Roller Assembly Machine Manufacturing

Conveyor Roller Assembly Machine Manufacturing

CONVEYOR ROLLER PRESS ASSEMBLY MACHINE USAGE It’s used for the press assembly of the stamping bearing housing,cast iron bearing housing,sealing and dustproof cap in sequence CONVEYOR ROLLER PRESS ASSEMBLY MACHINE CHARACTERISTICS The two self-stopping pressing device can press assemble the...
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Conveyor Roller Milling Shaft Machine

Conveyor Roller Milling Shaft Machine

Conveyor Roller Milling Shaft Machine is used for the synchronous processing for the flat and groove at both ends of the roller shaft.
Four sets of milling devices work simultaneously to guarantee the symmetry of the flat and groove of the roller shaft.
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CONVEYOR ROLLER PIPE TURNING HOLE MACHINE is used for processing the spigot at both ends of the steel pipe automatically and can process the spigots of the steel pipe which used in making all kinds of rollers with casting iron and punching bearing housing which produced home and abroad.
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Milling Machine

Milling Machine

The milling machine has two types, horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine
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Conveyor Roller Milling Circlip Groove Machine

Conveyor Roller Milling Circlip Groove Machine

Conveyor Roller Milling Circlip Groove Machine is automatic special equipment for processing circlip groove of roller shaft, used for processing roller shaft both home and abroad.
It adapts Manifold Valves hydraulic system to realize cutter’s fast feeding and retracting, with stepless speed regulation and high working efficiency.
Both double circlip groove and single circlip groove can be processed, two ends at the same time. Making Delta brand PLC centered and advanced non contact switch as limit switch to control the programme. Working is steady and reliable, high level automation which can be used for processing roller shaft in lot.
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Full Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine Features:1.It works with robotic arm and automatic feed material system
2.Use numerical control cutter3.High speed 4.Work automatically and can save labor cost
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