Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley

Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley

Belt conveyor steel head drum pulley is the main component of belt conveyor, could be divided into driving pulley and driven pulley according to different usage.
The surface could be smooth painted or covered by rubber.It includes herringbone,crown,diamond rubber coating,replacement rubber coating,rubber ceramic and complete ceramic

Introduction to Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley


The Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley serves as a vital component in conveyor systems, facilitating the movement of materials across various industries. Crafted with precision engineering, it comprises a robust steel structure, designed to withstand heavy loads and endure continuous operation. This pulley normally comprises of a tube shaped shell, spines, shaft, and heading, guaranteeing smooth turn and effective material dealing with.

Product Standards:

Our Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley adheres to industry-standard specifications, guaranteeing reliability and performance consistency across diverse applications. It complies with stringent quality control measures, meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards for manufacturing excellence.

Basic Parameters:

Belt Head Drive Drum Pulley

Belt Width

Standard Diameter of Pulley

500 mm


650 mm

500mm,630 mm

800 mm

500mm,630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

1000 mm

630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

1200 mm

630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

1400 mm

630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

1600 mm

630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

1800 mm

630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

2000 mm

800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

2200 mm

1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

2400 mm

1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm

Product Attributes:

  • High durability and wear resistance

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Precision engineering for optimal performance

  • Enhanced efficiency in material handling operations

  • Compatibility with various conveyor systems

Product Functions:

The Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley fills in as a significant part in transport frameworks, working with the exchange of mass materials like metals, totals, grains, and that's just the beginning. It guarantees consistent development along the transport line, actually moving burdens starting with one point then onto the next.


  • Robust steel construction for longevity

  • Balanced design for smooth operation

  • Corrosion-resistant surface treatment options

  • Precision-machined components for reliability

  • Simple establishment and similarity with existing transport frameworks

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Optimal performance under demanding conditions

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs

  • Improved efficiency and functional proficiency

  • Customizable design to meet specific application requirements

Application Areas:

Our product finds widespread usage across industries such as mining, quarrying, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. It is employed in conveyor systems for bulk material handling in processes ranging from raw material extraction to finished product distribution.

OEM Service:

We offer OEM services, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians collaborates closely with customers to develop customized Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulleys that align with their specific applications.


  1. What are the customization options available for the product?

    • We offer customization in terms of diameter, shaft diameter, surface treatment, and bearing type to suit diverse application needs.

  2. What is the typical lead time for orders?

    • Lead times vary depending on the specifications and order volume. Please contact us for detailed information regarding lead times for your specific requirements.

  3. Do you provide installation support?

    • Yes, we offer installation guidance and technical support to ensure the seamless integration of our products into your conveyor systems.

  4. Are your products covered by a warranty?

    • Yes, we provide a warranty against manufacturing defects to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

As a venture incorporating logical exploration, creation, handling, and deals, we are focused on conveying prevalent quality items and remarkable client care. For inquiries or to place an order, please contact us at


Our Belt Conveyor Steel Head Drive Drum Pulley stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in material handling solutions. With its robust construction, precision engineering, and customizable features, it offers unmatched reliability and performance across diverse industrial applications. Choose our products for unparalleled quality and efficiency in your material handling operations.

Lathing belt conveyor head drive drum pulley body

conveyor pulley body lathingBelt

Belt conveyor head drive drum pulley welding effect

welding effect

Belt conveyor head drive drum pulley bright and precise shaft

drum pulley shaft

We usually use power lock connection such as  Z3,Z8,Z9 and so on which can be easy to disassemble.

And can also make as per your requirements.

power lock connection

Finished products

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