Conveyor Belt Rollers

Conveyor Belt Rollers

Low radial runout,Low axial momentum,Low noise,Rotate smoothly, Long service life conveyor belt roller

Introduction to Conveyor Belt Rollers

Structure and Basic Details:

Conveyor belt rollers are fundamental components in material handling systems, facilitating the smooth and efficient movement of goods in various industries such as mining, manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. These rollers, regularly round and hollow in shape, are intended to help and guide transport lines, empowering the transportation of merchandise over significant distances or between various phases of creation processes.

Product Standards:

Transport line rollers stick to severe industry guidelines to guarantee ideal execution, strength, and security. These principles include aspects, materials, load-bearing limits, and protection from natural factors like dampness, temperature, and scraped spot.

Basic Parameters:

A comprehensive understanding of it involves key parameters like roller diameter, length, shaft diameter, bearing type, and material composition. These parameters vary depending on the specific application requirements and conveyor system design.

Product Attributes:

Conveyor belt rollers exhibit various attributes including precision engineering, robust construction, corrosion resistance, low friction, and noise reduction. These attributes contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of conveyor systems, even in demanding industrial environments.

Product Functions:

The primary function of Conveyor Belt Rollers is to support and guide the conveyor belt, minimizing frictional resistance and ensuring smooth material transport. Additionally, they help in maintaining proper belt tension, alignment, and tracking for optimized performance.

Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

  • Diverse range of roller configurations to accommodate different conveyor designs and load capacities.

  • Enhanced durability and longevity, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Advanced sealing mechanisms to prevent contamination and extend bearing life.

  • Options for customized solutions tailored to specific application requirements.

  • Compliance with international quality and safety standards for peace of mind.

Application Areas:

Transport line rollers find far and wide use across different businesses including:

  • Mining and Quarrying

  • Assembling and Creation

  • Operations and Circulation

  • Horticulture and Agribusiness

  • Ports and Delivery Terminals

OEM Service:

We offer OEM administrations to meet the extraordinary requirements and determinations of our clients. Our accomplished group of specialists and experts teams up intimately with clients to foster customized arrangements that enhance transport framework execution.


  1. What materials are transport line rollers regularly made of?

    Conveyor belt rollers can be built from different materials like steel, tempered steel, plastic, or composite materials relying upon factors like burden limit, natural circumstances, and application prerequisites.

  2. How would I decide the proper roller breadth for my transport system?

    The determination of roller distance across relies upon factors like transport line width, load limit, and material qualities. Our specialized specialists can give direction in view of your particular necessities.

  3. Do you provide installation services for it?

    While we primarily focus on manufacturing and supplying conveyor components, we can offer installation support and guidance upon request.

Contact Us:

For requests or to investigate our scope of transport line rollers, if it's not too much trouble, reach us at We are a main undertaking spend significant time in logical examination, creation, handling, and deals of transport parts, focused on conveying great answers for our worldwide customers.

Basic Product Parameter Standards:

ParameterStandard Range
Roller Diameter50mm - 200mm
Roller Length100mm - 2000mm
Shaft Diameter10mm - 40mm
Bearing TypeBall Bearing / Roller Bearing / Sleeve Bearing
Material CompositionSteel / Stainless Steel / Plastic / Composite Materials

Please note that specific parameters may vary based on customization and application requirements.

Conveyor belt roller

Conveyor Belt Rollers Factory:

conveyor belt roller factory

Conveyor Belt Rollers Package:

conveyor belt roller package

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Conveyor Idler Roller

Conveyor Idler Roller

Our conveyor idler roller have been exported to Australia,Chile,Singapore,Canada,Russia,United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia and so on in past years and we have professional engineers and all of them have rich experience in this field, we can design the goods independently
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Conveyor Roller

Conveyor Roller

Our company adopts special fine welding steel pipe for conveyor roller, and does puncture processing in the tube.
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Conveyor Belt Idler Rollers

Conveyor Belt Idler Rollers

Powder coated, paint and baking varnish
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PU Coat Roller

PU Coat Roller

For conveyor roller surface, we can offer four types: Paint, Electrostatic spraying,Rubber coat,PU coat, we can produce as per client’s requirements.
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Conveyor Roller Sales

Conveyor Roller Sales

Carrying,Impact,Return,Friction,Tapered,Guide,Spiral,Comb ,Garland,Heavy duty roller
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Conveyor Roller Sets

Conveyor Roller Sets

Troughing Carrying Idler are used for conveying bulk materials.
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Conveyor Troughing Roller

Conveyor Troughing Roller

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Impact Roller With Rubber Rings

Impact Roller With Rubber Rings

1. Absorbs weight and shocks;
2. High loading capacity;
3. Highly-effective labyrinth seals protected from dust & water into the bearing;
4. Designed and manufactured for a long, trouble-free life;
5. Maintenance-free, high-quality sealed ball bearing.
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