Conveyor Roller Sales

Conveyor Roller Sales

Carrying,Impact,Return,Friction,Tapered,Guide,Spiral,Comb ,Garland,Heavy duty roller

Introduction to Conveyor Roller Sales

Product Overview:

Conveyor Roller Sales are essential components in material handling systems, facilitating the movement of goods efficiently and seamlessly along conveyor belts. Troughing rollers provide support and alignment for the conveyor belt, while impact rollers protect against heavy loads and shocks. Return rollers reduce friction and maintain tension, while training rollers ensure proper belt tracking. Idler rollers distribute the load and minimize friction. These rollers are cylindrical devices typically made from durable materials such as steel or plastic, designed to support and guide conveyor belts while minimizing friction and enhancing productivity in various industries.

Product Standards:

Our Conveyor Roller Sales adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring reliability, durability, and optimal performance. We prioritize quality control throughout the manufacturing process to meet or exceed international standards for material handling equipment.

Basic Parameters:

Roller Type

Carrying,Impact,Return,Friction,Tapered,Guide,Spiral,Comb ,Garland,

Heavy duty roller


Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Rubber, Nylon, Pvc, HDPE, UHMWPE,Ceramic





Low play radial eccentricity, low noise, low axial movement

Reduced power consumption (to start and run the conveyor)

Min 30,000 hours standard life time

Water Proof, Dust Proof


Coal, Mine, Quarry, Cement,Harbor, Steel, Power, Crusher industry

Product Attributes:

  • Robust construction for long-term reliability.

  • Low maintenance requirements.

  • Smooth operation to minimize wear on conveyor belts.

  • Compatibility with various conveyor systems.

  • Corrosion-resistant materials for durability in diverse environments.

Product Functions:

Transport rollers act as help components for transport lines, working with the development of merchandise along creation lines, stockrooms, dissemination focuses, and other material taking care of offices.

Supply and Availability: Conveyor roller sales ensure a steady supply of rollers to meet the demands of industries. They offer a range of roller types, sizes, and configurations to cater to different conveyor systems and applications.

Customization: It may offer customization options to tailor the rollers to the unique needs of customers. This includes modifications to size, design, and material selection to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with existing conveyor systems.

Logistics and Delivery: Sales teams handle logistics and delivery of conveyor rollers, ensuring timely and efficient transportation of the products to the customer's location. They coordinate with shipping providers to ensure smooth and reliable delivery.

Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

  • High-quality materials for extended service life.

  • Precision engineering for smooth and reliable operation.

  • Customizable options to suit specific application requirements.

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity in material handling processes.

  • Versatility to accommodate different load capacities and operating conditions.

Application Areas:

Our Conveyor Roller Sales find applications across various industries, including:

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

  • Food processing

  • Packaging

OEM Service:

We offer OEM services, providing customized conveyor roller solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians ensures seamless integration with existing conveyor systems, maximizing efficiency and performance.


Q: What materials are available for conveyor rollers? 

A: Conveyor rollers can be made from steel, plastic, or other specialized materials based on application requirements.

Q: What is the typical load capacity of your conveyor rollers? 

A: Our conveyor rollers are designed to handle loads ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty applications, with load capacities customizable based on client specifications.

Q: Do you offer customization options for conveyor rollers? A: Yes, we provide customizable options for conveyor rollers, including diameter, length, bearing type, and surface treatment, to suit specific application needs.

As an enterprise integrating scientific research, production, processing, and sales, we are committed to delivering superior quality conveyor rollers that meet the highest industry standards. For inquiries or to place orders, please contact us at


Our conveyor rollers are engineered to optimize material handling processes, offering durability, reliability, and efficiency across diverse industries. With customizable options and OEM services available, we cater to the unique requirements of our clients worldwide. Choose our conveyor rollers for seamless operation and enhanced productivity in your material handling systems.

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Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt Conveyor Roller Feature:1.Water Proof Dust Proof 2.Low Total Indicator Run-out (T.I.R) can be less than 0.3 3.High Load Capacity4.Long Life Time
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Conveyor Return Roller

Conveyor Return Roller

Conveyor return roller is used to support rubber belt of return section to reduce belt running resistance and skirt wear,and let belt drape degree never exceed a certain limit,so ensure belt running smoothly and prolong the service life.
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Conveyor Belt Idler Rollers

Conveyor Belt Idler Rollers

Powder coated, paint and baking varnish
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Plastic Conveyor Roller

Plastic Conveyor Roller

CZXD offers a complete range of plastic conveyor rollers for bulk materials handling applications in mining, quarrying, recycling, cement, brick,power,grain and other conveyor type handling systems.
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Plastic Conveyor Rollers

Plastic Conveyor Rollers

CZXD offers a complete range of plastic conveyor rollers for bulk materials handling applications in mining, quarrying, recycling, cement, brick,power,grain and other conveyor type handling systems.
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Conveyor Sleeve Roller

Conveyor Sleeve Roller

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Metal conveyor rollers type:carrier rollers,impact roller,return roller with rubber rings,self-aligning/training rollers
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1. Absorbs weight and shocks;
2. High loading capacity;
3. Highly-effective labyrinth seals protected from dust & water into the bearing;
4. Designed and manufactured for a long, trouble-free life; 5. Maintenance-free, high-quality sealed ball bearing.
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