Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

Fabric conveyor belts are named according to diffrent carcass:Cotton Conveyor Belt(CC),Nylon Belt(NN),EP Belt,etc1.CC belt :suitsble for middle /short distance conveying.
2.NN BELT:under condition of middle/long distance,heavy loading capacity,high speed,strong lash and high flexibility.
3.EP BELT:undler condition of middle/long distance,heavy loding capacity,high speed conveying,good flexing capacity,troughable,heat resistant,low lad elongation.

Introduction to Conveyor Belts:

Conveyor belts play a crucial role in a multitude of industries, enabling the smooth transfer of goods and materials through manufacturing, distribution, and logistics workflows. Serving as a fundamental element in material handling systems, these belts are key to optimizing operations and boosting efficiency in diverse fields.

Basic Details of the Product:

The products are adaptable strips generally composed of multiple layers of rubber, PVC, or various materials, bolstered with fabric, steel cords, or other reinforcing agents. They are crafted to handle and move an extensive spectrum of materials, encompassing bulk commodities, parcels, and even substantial industrial elements. The construction of the belt features several strata, each designated to fulfill distinct roles concerning strength, pliability, and the ability to bear weight.

Product Standards:

The products undergo stringent industry regulations to guarantee their efficacy, safety, and dependability. Prevalent benchmarks are established by entities such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and sector-specific regulatory authorities, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the belts that meet food-grade requirements.

Basic Parameters:

Here are some basic parameters commonly associated with the product:

MaterialRubber, PVC, fabric, steel cords, etc.
WidthVarious widths available depending on application
LengthCustomizable to suit specific requirements
Load CapacityVaries based on belt type and construction
SpeedAdjustable to meet operational needs
TensionProper tensioning crucial for optimal performance
Operating TemperatureSuitable for a wide range of temperatures

Product Attributes:

Conveyor belts are celebrated for their myriad of pivotal qualities. Among these, durability and longevity stand out, ensuring that they withstand the test of time and continuous use. Additionally, their flexibility is a significant advantage, allowing them to be easily adapted to various layouts and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Another notable attribute is their low maintenance requirements, which reduce operational downtimes and costs. Furthermore, they possess a high load-carrying capacity, enabling the efficient transport of heavy materials without compromise. Lastly, their resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and adverse environmental conditions ensures their reliable performance in even the most challenging industrial environments. Together, these characteristics underscore the indispensable role of the product in modern manufacturing and distribution processes.

Product Functions:

The products serve multiple functions within material handling systems, including:

  • Transporting goods between various stages of production

  • Loading and unloading materials from vehicles

  • Sorting and distributing items based on predetermined criteria

  • Accumulating or buffering products to optimize workflow

Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

  • Modularity: The belts can be easily configured and reconfigured to accommodate changing production needs.

  • Efficiency: They enable continuous and automated material flow, reducing manual handling and labor costs.

  • Versatility: The product are suitable for a wide range of applications across diverse industries.

  • Safety: Properly designed conveyor systems enhance workplace safety by minimizing the risk of manual handling injuries.

  • Customization: Tailored solutions are available to meet specific requirements, including belt material, width, length, and accessories.

Application Areas:

Conveyor belts play a crucial role across various sectors, streamlining operations in manufacturing industries like automotive, electronics, and textiles. They are essential in warehousing and distribution for efficient goods management, support material transport in mining and quarrying, and enhance productivity in agriculture, food processing, and packaging. Additionally, they facilitate baggage and cargo handling in airports and logistics, underscoring their versatility and importance in modern industry and commerce.

OEM Service:

As a conglomerate that melds research, manufacturing, refinement, and distribution, we provide bespoke OEM solutions tailored to the distinct demands of our clientele. Our expertise spans from crafting specialized systems to adapting pre-existing models, all with a commitment to furnish customized products and dedicated assistance.


Q: What maintenance is required for the belts? A: Regular inspection for wear, proper tensioning, and prompt repairs of damages are essential for its maintenance.

Q: Can the products be used in food processing? A: Yes, we offer food-grade belts compliant with industry regulations for safe handling of food products.

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Fabric belts are named according to diffrent carcasses:

Cotton Belt(CC),Nylon Belt(NN),EP Belt,etc

1. CC belt: suitable for middle /short distance conveying.

2. NN BELT: under the condition of middle/long distance, heavy loading capacity,high speed,strong lash and high flexibility.

3. EP BELT: under the condition of middle/long distance, heavy loding capacity,high speed conveying,good flexing capacity,troughable,heat resistant,low lad elongation.

We can offer Multi-ply fabric belts (CC,Nylon,EP), steel cord belt, corrugated side wall belt, endless belt, chevron belt, solid woven belt.


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