Belt Conveyor Cleaner

Belt Conveyor Cleaner

Self-adjusting spring tensioner make sure consistent pressure and effective cleaning.
When the blade wears or the belt jumps, the scraper will follow up automatically to ensure good contact.

Product Overview:

More often than not, the Belt Conveyor Cleaner is seen as the backbone of material handling systems' processes. The belt conveyors are provided with a smooth working environment by the cleaner through the elimination of impurities such as debris, spillage, and other adulterants from the conveyor belt surface. Specifically designed and providing the latest in the industry technology, our cleaner proves its perfection, durability, and high lifespan.

Product Standards:

Our product adheres to stringent quality standards, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and customer expectations. Below are the basic parameter standards for our product:

Cleaning Width500mm - 2000mm
Motor Power0.37kW - 5.5kW
Cleaning Efficiency≥95%
Operating Voltage220V/380V/415V, 50Hz
MaterialStainless Steel, PU

Product Attributes:

  • Robust construction for long-term reliability.

  • Highly efficient cleaning mechanism for enhanced productivity.

  • Versatile design suitable for various conveyor belt widths.

  • Low maintenance requirements for cost-effectiveness.

  • User-friendly operation and easy installation.

Product Functions:

The Belt Conveyor Cleaner is a paramount component in the realm of material handling, dedicated to the meticulous removal of debris, spillage, and material accretions from the conveyor belt surface. By safeguarding against potential damage to the belt and its integral components, this innovative device exemplifies operational efficiency and safety excellence. Beyond its core function lies a profound commitment to upholding pristine working environments, enhancing workplace safety standards, and mitigating operational downtime. Through its unparalleled efficacy in optimizing conveyor performance and minimizing disruptions, the the product stands as a cornerstone in promoting seamless material flow and productivity within industrial operations.


  • Dual scraper blades for thorough cleaning.

  • Adjustable mounting bracket for easy installation.

  • Sealed bearings for enhanced durability.

  • Optional corrosion-resistant materials for challenging environments.

  • Optional self-adjusting tensioning system for consistent performance.

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Improved conveyor reliability and lifespan.

  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Enhanced workplace safety.

  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Customization options available to meet specific requirements.

Application Areas:

The versatility of the Belt Conveyor Cleaner extends across multifaceted industries, encompassing mining, construction, agriculture, recycling, and manufacturing sectors. Its adaptability makes it an ideal solution for diverse bulk material handling systems, including conveyor belts utilized in the transportation of coal, ore, grain, and various other essential commodities. This widespread applicability underscores its pivotal role in ensuring operational efficiency and maintenance within a spectrum of industrial settings, solidifying its status as an indispensable asset for optimizing material flow and safeguarding conveyor infrastructure.

OEM Service:

Our OEM services cater to the distinct requirements and specifications of our clientele. With a seasoned team at the helm, we tailor the product to precise specifications, guaranteeing peak performance and seamless integration with current systems.


  1. What is the recommended cleaning frequency? 

    The cleaning frequency depends on factors such as material type, conveyor speed, and operating conditions. Generally, regular inspection and cleaning are recommended to maintain optimal performance.

  2. Can the the cleaner be installed on any conveyor belt?

    The design of our product allows for versatility across different belt widths and configurations. Nonetheless, it remains imperative to prioritize compatibility and correct installation procedures to achieve optimal outcomes.

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This comprehensive introduction is tailored for professional buyers and global dealers, offering valuable insights into the features, benefits, and applications of our cleaner.


1. Installed on the head pulley to provide effective cleaning.

2. Wear-resistant polyurethane blade doesn't damage the belt and extend belt life.

3. Self-adjusting spring tensioner make sure consistent pressure and effective cleaning. When the blade wears or the belt jumps, the scraper will follow up automatically to ensure good contact.

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