Belt Conveyor Roller Design

Belt Conveyor Roller Design

BELT CONVEYOR ROLLER INTRODUCTION We Cangzhou Idler Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd can produce a complete range of conveyor rollers for bulk materials handling applications in mining, quarrying, recycling, cement, brick,power,grain and other conveyor type handling systems. Our conveyor roller range...

Introduction to Belt Conveyor Roller Design

Product Overview:

Belt conveyor rollers are pivotal components within conveyor systems, facilitating the smooth and efficient movement of goods across various industries. The belt conveyor roller design is precise to withstand rigorous operational demands, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Crafted from high-quality materials, they are engineered to provide reliable support and guidance for conveyor belts, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Product Standards:

Our belt conveyor rollers adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring compliance with safety and quality regulations. These standards encompass durability, load-bearing capacity, precision engineering, and resistance to environmental factors, guaranteeing consistent performance in diverse operating conditions.

Product Attributes:

  • Robust construction for prolonged service life

  • Smooth and quiet operation

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Excellent load-bearing capability

  • Resistance to corrosion and abrasion

Product Functions:

Belt conveyor rollers serve crucial functions within conveyor systems:

  • Supporting and guiding conveyor belts

  • Facilitating the movement of goods with minimal friction

  • Distributing loads evenly across the conveyor

  • Enhancing operational efficiency and throughput


  • Precision-engineered for superior performance

  • The belt conveyor roller design is versatile  to suit various conveyor configurations

  • Easy installation and compatibility with existing systems

  • Customization options available to meet specific requirements

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Enhanced reliability and durability

  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime

  • Improved conveyor efficiency and productivity

  • Consistent performance in demanding environments

Application Areas:

Belt conveyor rollers find extensive use across numerous industries, including:

  • Mining and aggregates

  • Manufacturing and logistics

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • Food processing and packaging

  • Agriculture and forestry

OEM Service:

We offer comprehensive OEM services, catering to the unique requirements of clients worldwide. Our experienced team collaborates closely with customers to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and preferences.


  1. What is the typical lifespan of your belt conveyor rollers?

    Our belt conveyor roller design is for longevity, with lifespans varying based on usage conditions and maintenance practices. 

  2. Can you customize rollers according to our conveyor specifications?

    Yes, we specialize in customization and can tailor rollers to fit your conveyor system perfectly.

  3. Do you provide installation assistance?

    While we do not offer installation services directly, our team can provide guidance and support to ensure seamless integration with your conveyor system.

For inquiries or orders, please contact us at As an enterprise integrating scientific research, production, processing, and sales, we are committed to delivering premium qualitythe belt conveyor roller design and exceptional service to our global clientele. Trust us for your belt conveyor roller needs, and experience the difference in performance and reliability.

Belt Conveyor Roller Inner Structure

roller 3

roller 4

Belt Conveyor Roller Each Part Introduction

1. Manufactured with steel pipe especially for high precision roller, compared with ordinary steel pipe, the diameter and wall thickness tolerance, bending degree, ovality are very little which can make the roller have minimum radial play eccentricity, strong load, low shaking and less noise

2.High precision and brightness cold drawn shaft with 1045 material

3.Rollers are fitted with deep groove 2RS and 2Z bearings with C3 and C4 internal clearance with HRB, SKF, NSK, TNT, FAG brands.

4.Bearing Housing formed by punching many times which can assure high precision. The wall thickness is 1-2mm thicker than the DIN standard which can increase 40% stability and roller's carrying capacity. It can make the roller not deformed even the working under overload an environment and increase the roller's lifetime.

5.TK contact multiple labyrinth seals made of nylon, ABS have great advantage in water and dust resistance.

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Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt Conveyor Roller Feature:1.Water Proof Dust Proof 2.Low Total Indicator Run-out (T.I.R) can be less than 0.3 3.High Load Capacity4.Long Life Time
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Conveyor Roller

Conveyor Roller

Our company adopts special fine welding steel pipe for conveyor roller, and does puncture processing in the tube.
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Conveyor Impact Roller

Conveyor Impact Roller

Conveyor Impact Roller surface is with a series elastic rubber rings and lock rings.
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Plastic Conveyor Rollers

Plastic Conveyor Rollers

CZXD offers a complete range of plastic conveyor rollers for bulk materials handling applications in mining, quarrying, recycling, cement, brick,power,grain and other conveyor type handling systems.
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PU Coat Roller

PU Coat Roller

For conveyor roller surface, we can offer four types: Paint, Electrostatic spraying,Rubber coat,PU coat, we can produce as per client’s requirements.
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Conveyor Roller Sets

Conveyor Roller Sets

Troughing Carrying Idler are used for conveying bulk materials.
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Carbon Steel Troughing Roller

Carbon Steel Troughing Roller

Carbon Steel Roller Types: Carrying roller,troughing roller,impact roller,return spiral roller,return sleeve roller
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Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Impact Roller

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Impact Roller

1. Absorbs weight and shocks;
2. High loading capacity;
3. Highly-effective labyrinth seals protected from dust & water into the bearing;
4. Designed and manufactured for a long, trouble-free life;
5. Maintenance-free, high-quality sealed ball bearing.
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