Idler Roller Bearing Housing

Idler Roller Bearing Housing

Idler roller bearing housing type: Straight Edge Bearing Housing, Flanging Edge Bearing Housing,
Bearing Housing with Circlip Inside and Locking Notch Bearing Housing

Introduction to Idler Roller Bearing Housing

Structure and Overview:

Idler Roller Bearing Housing is a crucial component in various industrial applications, particularly in conveyor systems. It provides support and smooth rotation for idler rollers, ensuring efficient material handling processes. This essential part is meticulously designed to withstand heavy loads, harsh environmental conditions, and continuous operation.

Product Standards:

Our Idler Roller Bearing Housings adhere to stringent quality standards, meeting ISO 9001:2015 and other relevant industry specifications, ensuring reliability, durability, and performance consistency.

Basic Parameters (Refer to the table below):


08F Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic

Load CapacityCustomizable
Bearing Type

6204,6205,6206,6207,6305,6306,6307,6308,6309,6310,6312 deep ball bearing

Housing Diameter


Housing type

Straight edge,Flanging edge, Bearing Housing with Circlip Inside and Locking Notch Bearing Housing

Housing Thickness


Product Attributes:

  • Robust construction for heavy-duty applications.

  • Precision bearings for smooth and reliable operation.

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and impact.

  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Product Functions:

  • Provides support and rotation for idler rollers in conveyor systems.

  • Ensures smooth material handling operations.

  • Reduces friction and wear, extending the lifespan of idler rollers and conveyor belts.


  • Customizable parameters to suit specific application requirements.

  • Sealed design prevents ingress of contaminants, enhancing component longevity.

  • High load-bearing capacity ensures reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Advantages and Highlights:

  • Superior quality materials and precision engineering guarantee optimal performance and durability.

  • Versatile design accommodates various conveyor system configurations.

  • Cost-effective solution with long-term reliability, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Application Areas:

  • Mining and Quarrying Operations

  • Construction Sites

  • Ports and Terminals

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Agricultural Sector

OEM Service:

We offer OEM services, providing tailored solutions to meet specific requirements. Our experienced team ensures seamless integration of our Idler Roller Bearing Housings into your systems, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


Q: What are the customization options available? A: We offer customization in terms of load capacity, shaft diameter, coating options, and sealing specifications to suit diverse application needs.

Q: What is the lead time for bulk orders? A: The lead time varies depending on the order quantity and customization requirements. Please contact us for detailed information.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or to place an order, please contact: Email:


Our products is a reliable solution for ensuring smooth and efficient material handling in various industrial applications. With our commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be your preferred partner for all your products needs.

Idler Roller Beraing Housing

I:We are Professional manufacturer of it with automatic production line. One day can produce 10000 pcs, so we can assure timely delivery.

II:What can we do for you?

a. We can produce ordinary it at different diameter from 60-219mm(60mm,76mm,89mm,101.6mm,108mm,114mm,127mm,133mm,152mm,159mm,178mm,194mm) matching 6204,6205,6206,6207,6305,6306,6307,6308,6309,6310,6312 bearing

bearing housing (2).jpg

bearing housing (3).jpg

bearing housing 6.jpg

b.We can also customize as per clients' requirements with your own logo

1. Thicken Idler Roller bearing housing for conveyor roller

thicken bearing housing.jpg

2.Flanging Idler Roller Bearing Housing for Conveyor Roller

flanging bearing housing.jpg

The product with circlip inside for Conveyor Roller

bearing housing4.jpg

Locking Notch the product for Conveyor Roller

bearing housing 5.jpg

All your requirements for the product for conveyor roller can be well met in our company

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