ANSI 321 Magnetic Head Pulley

2024-01-30 11:10:41

A magnetic head pulley also called magnetic separator is a type of conveyor pulley that has a magnetic field inside of it. The magnetic field attracts ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, steel, and other types of metals. The magnetic head pulley is used in various industries to remove unwanted metal particles from conveyor belts, vibratory feeders, and other material handling equipment.

The magnetic head pulley is made up of a permanent magnet and a pulley that rotates around an axis. The magnetic field generated by the magnet attracts the metal particles, which then stick to the surface of the pulley. As the pulley rotates, the metal particles are carried to the end of the conveyor belt and are dropped into a separate container, which is then collected and recycled.

One of the main advantages of using a magnetic head pulley is that it can effectively remove metal particles from a conveyor belt without the need for manual labor. This is especially useful in industries where large amounts of metal particles are produced, such as mining, recycling, and waste management. Additionally, using a magnetic head pulley can increase the lifespan of other equipment in the material handling process by preventing the metal particles from damaging the machinery. Overall, the magnetic head pulley is a valuable tool in the material handling industry for its ease of use and efficiency in removing unwanted metal particles.

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