Belt Conveyor Idler

Belt Conveyor Idler

Belt conveyor idler types:Carrying troughing idler,Transition idler,Impact Idler,Self aligning idler,Flat return idler,V-type return idler,self-cleaning return idler,Friction Idler,Garland Idler and so on.

Introduction to Belt Conveyor Idler

Belt conveyor idlers are crucial components in conveyor systems, playing a vital role in supporting and guiding conveyor belts. These cylindrical rollers are designed to handle various loads and impact forces while ensuring smooth and efficient material transportation. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of belt conveyor idlers engineered to meet diverse industrial needs.

Structure and Basic Details:

Our products typically consist of a steel or aluminum tube, precision bearings, shaft, and labyrinth seals. The tube serves as the main load-bearing component, while the bearings facilitate smooth rotation, reducing friction and wear. Labyrinth seals protect the bearings from contaminants, ensuring prolonged service life.

Product Standards:

Our belt conveyor idlers stick to industry principles, including CEMA (Transport Gear Makers Affiliation) and Noise (Deutsches Institut für Normung), ensuring reliable execution and consistent similarity with current transport frameworks. By lining up with these laid out principles, our idlers guarantee an elevated degree of value, unwavering quality, and interoperability inside different modern settings. Sticking to CEMA and Clamor particulars highlights our obligation to conveying items that meet thorough exhibition and wellbeing necessities, imparting trust in their reasonableness for different material taking care of utilizations. This consistence additionally implies our commitment to maintaining perceived industry benchmarks, eventually giving clients idlers that coordinate without a hitch and effectively into their transport arrangements. Whether in mining, assembling, or coordinated factors, our adherence to industry principles builds up the reliability and viability of our products in supporting useful and safe material transportation tasks.

Basic Parameters:

Belt conveyor idler feature

It as the important component of belt conveyor,is used to effectively support belt and bulk and secure operation of conveyor


Troughing idlers,Transition idlers,Impact idlers,self aligning idlers,Flat return idlers,V-type return idlers,Self-cleaning return idlers, Friction idlers,Garland idlers


Coal,mine,cement,quarry,crush,port industry for material handling equipment

Production experience

25 years

Frame surface treatment type

Ordinary Painting,Electrostatic spraying,Galvanized

Quality Warranty Period

Two years

Technical Support

We can design as per the working condition and make CAD drawing

Product Attributes:

  • Excellent development materials for sturdiness

  • Accuracy designed for smooth activity

  • Intended to endure weighty burdens and unforgiving conditions

  • Simple establishment and support

Product Functions:

  • Supports and guides conveyor belts

  • Reduces friction and wear

  • Absorbs impact forces

  • Ensures stable and efficient material handling

Features, Advantages, and Highlights:

  • Extensive variety of sizes and arrangements accessible

  • Adjustable choices to suit explicit prerequisites

  • Predominant execution under requesting conditions

  • Practical answer for long haul activity

Application Areas:

  • Mining and Quarrying

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics and Distribution

OEM Service:

We give OEM administrations custom-made to our clients' particular necessities, offering modified plans, marking, and bundling arrangements. Our adaptable methodology permits us to meet the interesting necessities of every client, guaranteeing that their items mirror their image character and resound with their objective market. From customized item plans to marked bundling materials, we work intimately with our clients to convey custom-made arrangements that line up with their vision and goals. By utilizing our OEM administrations, clients can separate their contributions on the lookout and improve their strategic advantage through inventive and modified item arrangements.


Q: What are the standard sizes accessible? 

A: We offer a scope of standard sizes from 76mm to 108mm in measurement, with custom sizes accessible upon demand.

Q: Could you at any point give specialized help to establishment? 

A: Indeed, our group of specialists can offer direction and backing for the establishment and support of our items.

For requests and orders, kindly reach us at As a venture incorporating logical exploration, creation, handling, and deals, we are focused on giving great belt transport idlers that meet the different necessities of our clients.


With our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we aim to be your trusted partner in the conveyor industry. Choose our belt conveyor idlers for reliable performance and exceptional value.

Belt Conveyor Idler

The products are used for conveying bulk materials.They are designed and manufactured with troughing angles of 20°,35°,45° and also can produce as per customers’ requirements. Standard: CEMA,DIN,JIS,DTII

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Conveyor Idler Supplier

Conveyor Idler Supplier

Conveyor idlers are important parts on Belt Conveyor, it endure over 70% resistance of one belt conveyor. The conveyor idler used for supporting conveyor belt and the material.
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Idler Frame

Idler Frame

Idler frame are designed to provide a minimum gap between rollers, and give added protection to the conveyor belt.
Frame outer slopers are designed to prevent material build up around the shell end thereby avoiding premature shell wear due to roll jamming.
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Conveyor Belt Roller Frame

Conveyor Belt Roller Frame

Conveyor Belt Roller Frame Feature: Dimensional accuracy High quality welding Corrosion Resistance
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Carrying Idler Frame

Carrying Idler Frame

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Self Aligning Carrying Idler

Self Aligning Carrying Idler

Self Aligning Idler Types: Inline troughing self aligning idler Offset troughing self aligning idler Carrying self aligning idler Return self aligning Idler Flat Return self aligning Idler Vee self aligning Idler Friction self aligning Idler
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Offset Trough Idler

Offset Trough Idler

For offset idler,the center roll is positioned behind the concentrating rolls.
The most common use is in installations with minimal clearances. Offset idlers offer more protection against idler junction fatigue than the inline type.
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Friction Self Aligning Idler

Friction Self Aligning Idler

Friction Self Aligning Idler Types:
Carrier friction self-aligning idler Carrier friction flat self-aligning idler Return friction self-aligning idler
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Conveyor Friction Adjusting Idler

Conveyor Friction Adjusting Idler

Conveyor Friction Adjusting Idler Types: Upper friction adjusting idler Upper friction flat adjusting idler Lower friction adjusting idler
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