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Metal Conveyor Rollers

Metal Conveyor Rollers

Flat/Carrier/Carrying Rollers: Used to handle bulk&unit material.

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Type of metal conveyor rollers:
1. Flat/Carrier/Carrying Rollers: Used to handle bulk&unit material.
2.Impact Rollers: Installed at the loading point to absorb the shocks and to help protect against belt damage.
3.Return Rollers: Used to sustain and support the belt during its return section and performs a cleaning action
---Return rollers with Spaced Rings (Rubber Disc Rollers)
---Return Rollers with Helical Rubber Rings (Spiral Rollers)
4. Self-aligning/Training Rollers: Used to adjust the belt deviation, preventing hunting and ensuring stable operation of conveyor belt.
---Tapered self-aligning rollers
---Friction self-aligning rollers

Main Features:

Excellent sealing performance

High load capacity (axial load)

Smooth operation, small revolving resistance, without block phenomenon

Easy for disassembly, Excellent maintainability and high reliability

Strong durability, at least 50000 hours work life. 

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