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TK Labyrinth Seal

TK Labyrinth Seal

Material:ABS resin, Nylon, Hdpe, Polyurethane, polyformaldehyde and so on

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TK Labyrinth Seal uses a new type of roller seal that protects the roller bearings from water and dust at both ends of the roller with the belt conveyor. It consists of five parts: inner seal, outer seal, bearing, middle seal and end seal. It is mounted on the small shaft, and the shaft is clamped as the shaft and axial force, so that the middle seal and the end seal form “0”. "Type waterproof cavity and eccentric spherical cyclone cavity, thus achieving the function of bearing waterproof and dustproof.


Material:ABS resin, Nylon, Hdpe, Polyurethane, polyformaldehyde and so on

Feature:dust proof, water proof which can be used in harsh working conditions

Specification:6204,6205,6305,6306,6307,6308,6309,6310 and so on


TK Labyrinth Seal is made of ABS resin, which has the outstanding advantages of low frictional resistance, no creeping, good self-lubricating performance and normal operation in the absence of lubrication. The chemical and physical properties of the material are very stable, excellent in corrosion resistance, outstanding in tackiness, and operating temperature range of -60C to +250C. At the same time, it has excellent dynamic and static sealing characteristics, good wear resistance and long service life.


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