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Conveyor Idler Instruction and Classification
Sep 04, 2018

Conveyor Idler,the important component of belt conveyor,is used to effectively support belt and bulk and secure operation of conveyor.According to  international standards,diameter of rollers are Ф76.3,Ф89,Ф101.6,Ф108,Ф114,Ф127,Ф133,Ф140,Ф152,Ф159,Ф178,Ф193.7,Ф219 etc,subject to belt width and speed. Lengths of rollers are of standard series,selected by belt with width and types of idlers.For bearing,consideration is taken into capacity and life of bearing every single roller. Usually,idler consists of shell,shaft,bearing,housing,seals and snap ring .

Idler is of unique structure,reasonable fitting and accurate assembly,resulting in high capacity and long service life.

There are two basic type of belt conveyor idlers: Carrying idlers include troughing idler,transition idler,impact idler,self-aligning idler. Return idler include flat idler,V-type return idler,sleeve idler and spiral idler.

Troughing idlers revolves supporting the belt on the side which carrier loads and is used for carrying bulk.There are various trough angle:30°, 35°,40°.

There are two types of idler:standard and forward-leaning idler.The forward-leaning idler can be arranged along all line of conveyor to prevent belt sway off center condition.

The transition idler needs to be arranged between the last trough idler and terminal pulley for reducing .The stress of the belt edge and avoiding spillage of bulk.There are four type of trough angle 10 °, 20°,30 ° and adjusted angle.

Impact troughing idler have roller covered by a resilient material.They are used at loading points where impact resulting from lump size and weight of the material,so belt and rollers can be prevented from damage.

When the position of belt is changed from its center line on the same plane,the self-aligning idlers can correct this condition .

Here are three types of self-aligning idler:blocking idler,friction idler and taper self-aligning idler.These are used both carrier and return section.Layout 1 set per 10 sets at carrier section.Layout 1 set per 6-10 sets at return section.

Flat return idler is used to support the belt of return section.

With the increased use of heavy,high-tension fabric and steel cord belts,the need for better support and self-aligning idler has resulted in the development of v-type return and inverted V-type return idler.General layout 4 sets v-type idler and 6 sets flat idler each 10 sets idler at return section.

Self-cleaning return idler is applied to remove the sticky material on the return section belt and to keep the belt clean.There are types of self-cleaning idler: flat sleeve return idler,v-type sleeve idler and spiral idler.General arrange 1-2 sets spiral return idler and 3-6 sets sleeve return idler at the beginning point of return section.

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