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Conveyor Roller Welding Machine

Conveyor Roller Welding Machine

Used for the inside and outside girth weld of the roller bearing housing

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The Conveyor Roller Welding Machine is a welding automation device specifically designed for specific workpieces and shaped joints. Through the electrical control, pneumatic control and hydraulic control technology, the rotation or movement of the motor, the pneumatic actuator and the hydraulic actuator can be realized, and the relative movement of the workpiece weld and the welding torch can be realized, thereby automatically completing the welding work of the welded joint.


Machine center height


Electric welding machine Power Input

380v/50Hz, Three Phase

Rated capacity


Electric welding machine rated output current


Spindle motor power(DC Geared Motor)

230W, 220V

Applicable welding wire

Diameter 0.8,1.0,1.2mm

shielded gas flow


weldable workpiece length


weldable workpiece diameter


Weld rotation speed


dimension( LxWxH)


Production efficiency

140 pcs/ hour


1. It can be used for industrial belts, conveyor belts, drive belts, baffles, and side wall welding.

2. The machine slot is deep, wide and easy to weld.

3. It uses a high-sensitivity spark protection device to avoid damage to the mold.

4. The welding length can be extended to 700mm or longer.

5. Its European square high frequency vibration box, the output is more stable.

6. Two sets of CO2/MAG welding devices are equipped for the simultaneous girth welding at both ends with high welding efficiency.

7. The workpiece can be positioned,fixed,welded and repositioned automatically.

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