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Impact Bar

Impact Bar

Features: 1. UHMWPE surface with extremely low coefficient of friction 2. Replaceable impact bar 3. Extend Belt Life 4. Abrasion-resistant UHMW

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The impact bar is a special mechanical device that distributes the impact load over a wide surface area. The rod has a special rectangular design that forces any affected weight to be distributed over the entire surface area of the rod. These types of rod designs are commonly used in safety equipment for car doors, bumpers and rolling cages. They are also used as a weight support for the conveyor belt.


1. The UHMWPE surface has a very low coefficient of friction at the top of the impact rod, which effectively reduces belt wear.

2. Damping rubber absorbs the maximum impact of the material.

3. The “T-slot” extruded metal structure allows our impact rods to be fixed along the entire length of the impact rod for easy installation and removal.

4. Manufactured by thermal vulcanization for efficient and reliable connection between components.


The highest wear resistance of any polymer is 6 times higher than the wear resistance of steel

Anti-climate and anti-aging

Self-lubricating, very low coefficient of friction

Excellent chemical resistance

Superior impact resistance, sound absorption, vibration absorption

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